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Vacuum Storage Bags Saver Seal Compressing Space Saving SuperSize Organizer 6x

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Vacuum Storage Bags Saver Seal Compressing Space Saving SuperSize Organizer 6x

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Running out of storage space for your clothes, linen, and assorted beddings and cushions? No more wardrobe space for your seasonal clothes? Can’t fit all the clothes into your luggage? The solution lies with our Vacuum Storage Bags.

With our Storage Vacuum Bags, you can save up to 75% of storage space with your cabinets and wardrobe, and even luggage space. And they are easy to use too. Just pack your clothes, bedding or linen into the Bag, close the Bag with the air-tight bilateral seals, vacuum the air out through the turbo valve and finally, screw the valve cap back on tightly. The turbo valve actually allows vacuuming speeds to be up to 35% faster than other vacuum bags and is compatible for use with any vacuum cleaner.

The Bags are made of tear-resistant PE + PA plastic and the valve is designed to be leak-proof. So you don’t have to worry about the Bags losing their vacuum tightness for up to six months. Not least, the Storage Vacuum Bags are a great way to protect your stuff from insects, dirt, and mildew and are re-usable for as many times as you want them to be.

Our Storage Vacuum Bags make storage absolutely easy and hassle-free every time. Get yours today!


  • High-quality multi-layer composite material
  • Reusable, durable and odor-free
  • Protection against insects, dirt, and mildew
  • Seal zip slider to create airtight and waterproof seals
  • Turbo valve with an air vacuuming speed of 35% faster than other vacuum bags
  • Increases storage space instantly
  • Perfect for storing clothing, blankets, and cushions
  • Works with all vacuum cleaners
  • Remains in a compressed state for up to 6 months



  • Material: Plastic
  • Size of Bag : 120cm x 80cm


  • 6 x Vacuum Storage Seal Bags