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Read Me When You Need Me.
This book sets us in a time where we can possess a written form of love expressed by another person, like an old classy letter, to someone close to you or someone who's been so close to you but distance may have taken it's place. This book serves not just as a sentimental gift, but a keepsake, a forever reminder of your gratitude for that one special person.

The promts provided in this book gives the receiver a choice of what they want to read at the moment, all written by a special someone, to a special someone.

Rules for the writer:

Choose a person you wish to gift this book to.
There are 120 topics/pages to write out.
Topics can be found at the front of the book. E.g. 'Read me when you miss me...'
Once you've completed all the pages, gift the book to your special someone.
Remind them to read the rules in the book.
Rules for the reader:
There are 120 topics to read.
Choose a topic according to how you're feeling in the moment and read the corresponding page.
Read them sparingly.
Keep this book forever.