Zenify Pets Dog Lead - Durable Strong Chew Resistant Slip Lead Nylon Rope Padded Handle Mountain Climbing Harness Pet Puppy Training Slipknot Leash for Walking [1.2cm Thick 183cm Long] (Pink 6ft)

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We appreciate how pets show us complete gratitude and unconditional happiness every single day. They remind us to live in the moment.

Zenify Pets want to provide items that let you give back to our pets.

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Congratulate a dog owner with a beautifully presented gift box of 12 specially hand-picked items theyll use from day 1. Bringing up a puppy can be a fresh responsibility and Zenify loves to support you and your new puppies development to create a special bond. Surprise someone you love with this unexpected gift box they will remember for years to come.


Zenifys one-size-fits-all pet grooming glove mitts are essential for taking care of the fur of dogs, puppies, cats, kittens and most furry pets. Fur can quickly become tangled if not brushed regularly and can lead to a build-up of dirt and dust. With the Zenify pet grooming mitt, you can brush out excess fur, dirt and

kinks with ease. The velour (reverse) side can be used to remove fur from furniture and clothes.


We want our beloved dogs to eat healthily. The slow feeding dog bowl is carefully designed to slow down feeding and encourages our dogs to eat at a slower pace. The benefits of this can include reduced bloating, overeating, vomiting and obesity. For your pet, you can rest assured that they can rediscover their fun and

natural foraging skills with every meal.

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The perfect pet accessory bowl for travel adventures with your dog or puppy. With its portable and convenient design, you only need to pop up this foldable bowl and use it to feed your dog food and water on the go. After youre done, simply folding down and you can continue your walk together and create more memories together


Enjoy a hands free dog leash that lets you freely use your hands without being worried about your dog running off. This is ideal for running, using your phone, pushing a baby stroller and more. Free your hands, use a waist belt.


Without toys and healthy exercise, dogs are known to grow bored and engage in destructive behaviour. Going beyond the simple fetch balls of the past, Zenifys uniquely designed interactive fun treat training ball is designed to keep your dog mentally and physically stimulated. Fill the ball with your dog's

favourite treats of food and watch them roll it around, train, smarten, challenge and try to get the treats out.

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Profits for Purpose

Zenifys overall mission is one of profits for purpose. We know Australian pet shelters are in continual need of support, so we donate our Zenify Pets regularly to causes throughout Australia.